Submission Rules

Art by RamblinQuixotic
Staff reserve the right to change the rules at any time and expect all members and submissions to adapt to changes.


  • Minimum 700 Words, spelled, punctuated and paragraphed! This includes bios!
  • If you do not obey the rules, the staff will send you a note on how to amend your account, summary, chapter or fanfiction will be MODIFIED or DELETED immediately.


  • No offensive pennames. Yes RvB is for a mature audience but there's a difference between comedy and being obnoxious.
  • No person may hold more than one account. Staff can track IP addresses and are wise to trolls and tricks. You can change your penname by contacting me.
  • Please be sensitive to personal information passed out in your account bio, there are psychos on the internet and I'd like to keep you fellas safe.
  • Do not post character bios on your own Account Bio.


Story Descriptions that break the rules may be changed immediately without notice by the staff. This is the first part visible to visitors so it needs to be kept tidy and inoffensive. Abide by the rules and we won't have a problem.


  • All stories must have a title. Banned titles include: Untitled, Please Read, ect.
  • All titles must be of good taste. Language may not exceed 12+. We all know RvB content but if you feel that limits the agony of your creation, go somewhere else.
  • All titles must follow standard conventions. This means that all words except articles must be capitalized. Non-alphanumeric characters should be kept to a minimum.


  • All summaries must be of good taste, tidy and use standard English. Show it the same consideration as the rest of your story with correct spelling and punctuation and language may not exceed 12+.


  • Art or banners must meet the dimensions of 500x120 pixels.
  • If the art isn't your own you must give credit to the artist in your first chapter and provide a link within the story to the artist's main page.

Category Rules:

  • A story may be submitted to only one category even if you feel it has multiple themes. Please choose the one you think it fits best at the time of submission but it can be changed at any time. If more than one category is selected the staff will chose a category.
  • Staff may change the category if they feel the submission does not fit the author's choice.

General: Any fanfiction following the the main cast of Red vs Blue. It must use to standard English and quality, no scriptfics allowed.

Romance: Any fanfiction revolving around the romantic accounts of Red Vs Blue Characters. This includes including Fluff, Het and Slash. It must use standard English, no scriptfics allowed.

Character-Centric: Any fanfiction focused on the exposition or understanding of Red Vs Blue Characters. It must use standard English, no scriptfics allowed.

Alternate Universe/Crossover: Where the Red Vs Blue characters are written into a different fandom or reality (Alternate Universe- Akira, Disney, Wizard of Oz, ect) or joins the characters of a different fandom (Crossover- The Gulcher's team up with Sailor Moon to fight crime).

This does not include Divergent Universe. A Divergent Universe fic remains true up to a certain season or episode of a fandom before branching away, for example setting a fic soon after Season 5 accepting the Blood Gulch Chronicles canon that Church is a ghost, while ignoring the new canon of Reconstruction. Those fics are better of in General, Romance or Character-Centric categories.

Roosterteeth Series: Any fanfiction about RT Shorts or other machinima. This also includes other popular series if the owner allows it. It must use standard English, no scriptfics allowed.

OC Bios: Biographical Information on characters created by the author for Red vs Blue Fanfiction


  • Please don't highlight indiscriminately, think carefully about the characters or groups that contribute most to the story. As a guide more than eight looks tacky and buggers with the search engine.

Warnings, Tags and Shippings:

  • All Warnings must be accurate and up to date.
  • All Ships are listed by the alphabetically first character.
  • If you believe any Warnings, Tags or Shippings are missing please feel free to contact the staff.

Ratings: All ratings must be accurate and up to date. Adapted from the British Board of Film Classification.

[U] Universal - Suitable for all ages within a positive moral framework with reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threator horror.

[12+] General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for some children. It should not disturb a child aged below twelve years of age. However, you are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger or more sensitive children.

[15+] - There may be frequent use of strong language (swears/cursing/cussing').


[X-Rated] - Adult-themed fanfiction. This is where the PWPs go.



1. The unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.
2. Something used and represented in this manner.

Plagiarism = Fail

We are a small fandom but plagiarism of any kind won't be tolerated. If you take credit for anything that isn't your own, be it story, idea or art you get one chance to repent. All plagiarised material will be edited with links to the original and your crime listed on your membership page from here to eternity. I reckon humiliation is the best deterrent and if you're a repeat offender you will be banned from the site.

If you have found a case of plagiarism please report it via the Contact page and let us handle it.


  • All fics require genuine attempts at readability, paying particular attention to Spelling, Punctuation, Paragraphing. We have a tutorials section so anything less will be considered ignorance and will be deleted. Any more than 10% typos per chapter or your submission will be deleted.
  • This archive will not host script-fics, madfics of random humour or meta-fics about author adventures.
  • Any story that degenerates to a flame war will be removed. There is a possibility of those who flamed being banned from the site.
  • Before you submit your first fic it's a good idea to drop into the tutorials section for a browse and see what you can pick up.


  • Chapters may not be submitted individually as stories
  • All submissions that aren't a drabbles or oneshots must meet a 700 minimum word limit.
  • All chapters must be completed before they are posted.
  • No Author's Notes may be submitted as a chapter.


  • You may only start a Series once the first fic in that series is complete.

In-Chapter Art

  • You may use html to put graphics in your fanfiction.
  • Your story description rating should take any art into account.
  • does allow graphics in your story but we aren't a webcomic archive. You must have at least five hundred words written per graphic.
  • All art that isn't your own must be credited with a website and an artist. This rule will be policed.
  • Size may not exceed 800x600 pixals.
  • Photobucket is a nice little place to store your pics if you're looking.

  • OC Profiles must be submitted to the OC Profiles category. They may not be submitted to your Writers Profile or as a part of your story.
  • All of an author's OC's must be submitted under a single story. Don't start a new submission for every OC you own.
  • All OC's Profiles must be a minimum of 700 words per character.
  • All OC's Profiles must be correctly spelled, paragraphed and punctuated.
  • All art must be credited. Uncredited art will be deleted.


To The Reviewer

As a reviewer you should put as much effort into a review as the author put effort into the story. You aren't required to praise the story to high heaven but insults or personal attacks won't be tolerated. Everyone receives reviews differently so if they aren't receptive it's a good idea to leave them alone. Neither of you gain by flogging a dead horse. The goal of the reviewer is a well rounded critique encouraging a better level of writing by complimenting what was good, backing up what isn't liked with examples and advising how it can be done better.

Try to avoid fluff reviews, reviews with no information. Eg 'I luv your fic, write more!' A review like this could be written on every story on the recent submission page in five minutes and you'd never know if the story was read or not. On the other hand 'I really liked the part in your fic where Grif finally got Sarge back after all these years! His dialogue was so in-character, please write more!' is infinitely more desired and does you credit as a reviewer.

To the Authors

Your goal is to get as many of these well-rounded reviews as possible and put them to use! Understand that opinions vary and that a flame and a critique are two completely different things. Treat the reviewer who left it with respect even if you don't agree with them. If they took time out of a busy life to write more than three lines, appreciate it. If they continue to plague you, either ignore them or contact me.