Terms of Service

Terms of Service

RvB Society is an archive dedicated to the Halo-Based machinima Red vs Blue, developed by Rooster Teeth Productions.

I'm not flash on what's usually expected of Terms of Service, so let's go with these:

1) Read the rules and obey them. If you have any queries about them contact me but their interpretation and lenience shown is up to me.

2) Don't be a jerk. Show respect to all members even if they don't. Flamers and trolls will be weeded out immediately and will not be tolerated. Equally, use a measured response to all reviewers even if you don't agree with them.

3) Take pride in your work. This site will be quality controlled and I will not waste time or space on crap slapped together after a sleepover and red cordial. I don't expect Charles Dickens from everyone but if your story is continually being rejected reread the rules, tutorials or go to the forum for tips.

4) I listen to the Word of God, in this case the blokes from Rooster Teeth. If they say "Jump." I say, "What bridge?" With proper proof I will remove any content or instate any rules they ask, no questions asked, even if it were the entire site.

I have purposely left these vague because I'm hoping that everyone will make full use common sense. I take Darwin's view of the web and the terminally dumb will not survive on this site.