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Hello, I'm Icy. I suppose you can call me Randa if you like, but I've been called Icy for a very long time. I love reading, writing, and RvB of course. I'm pretty shy and flighty when it comes to critiquing or being critiqued.

I don't believe that my writing is very good, though if you want a reader's opinion, a reviewer has said "Voices" deserved a distinction award. Voices is my current project at the moment. I'm sort of stuck on my other project, the Second Generation, and I might take it off the site completely. If you have an opinion, I'd like to hear it.

Besides all that, I am competent, pretty smart, and I have a very good understanding of the English language. If you want me to beta a story, I'd be happy to.

Favourite Shipping: I like any sort of shipping and don
Favourite RvB Character: Tex, with Maine as a close second.
Favourite Movies: Comedy, action, or a good mystery
Favourite Music: My current favorite is 30 Seconds to Mars, but I love any sort of music
Favourite Books: Fantasy, mystery, adventure, anything with a good, interesting plot line.
How did you find Red vs Blue?: I was told by a fellow fan. I've loved it ever since.
Fanfic Recommendations: One of the best I've come across is Murderer's Row, but almost anything on here is excellent.
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Voices by Icestorm926 Rated: 15+ starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 3]

Agent Maine never wanted an AI. He is adamant that the artificial intelligence is trying to influence him in some way, but he is stuck with this wretched machine and has to live with it. How will Sigma change him? For the better or the worse? And as their partnership continues he can't help but wonder if he will be consumed by the wildfire the AI's have created.

Categories: Character-Centric
Characters: AI's, Maine/Meta, Project Freelancer, Washington
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Tragedy
Shipping: None
Tags & Warnings: Spoilers, Strong Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 9037 Read Count: 2471
[Report This] Published: Apr 21 2012 Updated: May 09 2012

If Project Freelancer was remade, the AI's recreated, new Freelancers gathered, and a new Director in charge of it all, what would happen?

The agents are faced with problems that the first Project's Freelancers did not. While the last Director had his experiments, it seems that the new Director has many more deadlier challenges, and he isn't afraid if a few die in the process. The agents have to settle the turmoil amongst the themselves, the AI's, and figure out how to survive, which isn't as easy as it sounds.

Categories: Alternate Universes & Crossovers
Characters: AI's
Genre: Drama, Friendship
Shipping: None
Tags & Warnings: Next Gen
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 7233 Read Count: 1470
[Report This] Published: Apr 08 2012 Updated: Apr 11 2012